Pro Services

We hire the pro for the following reasons:

Cost savings:
Outsourcing can reduce the cost of hiring and maintaining in-house staff.
Access to expertise:
PRO services providers have a deep understanding of the local regulations and procedures, which can help the company to navigate through the bureaucratic process more effectively.

Time efficiency:
Outsourcing can free up time for the company to focus on core business activities, while PRO services providers handle administrative tasks.

Better compliance: PRO services providers stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and ensure that the company is in compliance with all local laws and regulations.

pro one-does-all

here are your Services

we deal in daily based.


Tasheel services

1. New Company File Opening
2. Modify company information
3. Modify company owners
4. Applying and modifying Quota
5. License Renewal
6. Job Offer Letter for Companies and Relative Work Permit
7. Pre-Approval for Mission/Temporary/Part Time/Relative Work Permit
8. Submission for Mission/Temporary/Part Time/Mission Work Permit

9. Approval Fee for Mission/Temporary/Part Time/Mission Work Permit
10. Pre-Approval for employee
11. Job offer letter – replacement
12. Pre-approval work permit – replacement
13. Modify work Permit
14. Submission modify of work permit
15. Modify person information
16. Renew labor card (all categories)

17. WPS Clearance
18. Bank Guaranty Refund
19. Absconding
20. Withdraw Absconding Request
21. Withdraw Absconding Questionnaires
22. Submission for withdraw abscond
23. Customer Service Request
24. Labor Contract Typing

25. Submission cancellation transactions
26. Submission labor contract

27. Add new person
28. Owner information list
29. Electronic work permit information
30. Employee List
31. Comprehensive report about the establishment

32. Pre-approval work permit – Unused Cancellation

33. Nawakas Submission  


amer or immigration services

1. Entry Permit for (Company Employment & Family)
2. Inside & Outside the Country
3. Residencies (Company Employment & Family)
4. New/Renewal/Cancellation
5. Family Visit Visa
6. Newborn Baby Visa Processing
7. Sponsorship Transfer Company & Family
8. Change Status Company & Family
9. Visit Visa Extension For On Arrival & GCC Residents
10. New/Renewal of Establishment Card
11. PRO Card


1. Instant License
2. Reserve Trade Name
3. Renew Trade Name
4. Issue Initial Approval
5. Issue Branch Initial Approval
6. Print
7. Update Mobile Number / PO Box / Telephone Number
8. Change Location